Wireless Solutions for Health Sector


Now and days healthcare organizations are frequently looking for ways to give their customers the best care available, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Many tech savvy healthcare enterprises are embracing the Internet and other technologies to reach new market opportunities as a way to lower costs and increase profits. Providing a high-speed network that enables users such as patients, medical staff and administration employees the ability to have Internet and Intranet access and the capability to share important information across the network is critical in today's technological world.

By using Intouch Networks products you will discover the full benefits of embracing broadband wireless technology. Intouch Networks would allow healthcare enterprises to create broadband wireless networks to interconnect multiple buildings at an affordable transmission rate.


Modern and cutting edge education.
Improving communication between students and teachers.
Improved student learning.
Elimination of wired line costs.
Elimination of dedicated leased lines from Telecom Companies