Public Safety Solution


The Federal Government recognized that the lack of public bandwidth was hindering public safety and homeland security. They mandated in 2002 that a new frequency band, the 4.9GHz band or more specifically, 50 MHz in the 4.9GHz band, would be assigned for high-power (up to 2 watts) data/voice equipment that follows certain specifications.

The advantage of this network is that all users and devices attach directly to the wireless backbone and seamlessly integrate with networks inside buildings, police and fire vehicles, fixed and mobile cameras, VoIP phone systems, gunshot detectors, and even UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles).


Unmatched quad-band and multi-radio flexibility.
Unparalleled network economics and lowest cost per square mile.
Leading support for high-speed mobile applications.
Feature-rich configuration options.
System scalability.
Unmatched upgradability for new radio and application functionality.