Smart Grid Solution


The electric grid, as we know it, has not evolved significantly. However, the current requirements regarding energy efficiency and integration of new elements in the grid, such as electric vehicles, new white goods and renewable energy, require the evolution of the electric grid as we know it today.

An intelligent energy network (Smart Grid) delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability. The Smart Grid is capable of controlling the entire power grid from the high voltage network (currently very monitored) as well as medium and low voltage, which currently monitors only about 30%. Benefits


Reduction of energy losses, the company can manage its power independently, identifying and controlling spending it.
Efficiency: it can conduct sophisticated analysis of consumption patterns, identifying opportunities that facilitate the reduction of consumption.
Optimization of network infrastructure.
Allow to provide better customer service, with more commercial benefits (new rates, pay per use, etc.).
Pay per use: not being required manual reading, eliminating the estimated receipts and consumers only pay for what they consume.
Flexible Rates: companies manage different rates to optimize energy consumption.
Power Remote Management: no local intervention will be necessary to activate, or increase the supply end.