Rural Telephone and Internet Solution


The market for smartphones and tablets is growing very fast and it is very attractive. This market is having an exponential growth in recent years, with figures ranging from 75% annual growth projected at 5 years. The main value offered by these devices is the connectivity for data traffic.

Due to the increasing demand for these devices and the need to be online at all time results in the saturation of mobile data networks (2.5G & 3G) of the Telecom Carriers. Mobile Users demand more connectivity and as long as we advance in time, data traffic will increase in such exponential way. That is the obvious consequence of an evolution of which communications technology is concerned.


Implementation and operation is possible at a low cost in areas where population density is low. The system can be easily installed, even in remote and inaccessible locations. System operation and maintenance may be carried out even where qualified technical personnel are scarce. Implementation is possible even when basic infrastructure such as mains: electricity, running water, paved road networks, etc., are absent.